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Serving our community with Empathy Integrity Focus Accountability
We are a specialist in working with culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) communities.

Azmiri's Vision

I have always wanted to do something that I love, I am good at, makes a difference and get paid for it. I found my Ikigai, my life’s purpose, AMC The Change Factor. Ikigai is a Japanese concept which refers to having a direction or purpose in life and provides a sense of fulfilment.

AMC The Change Factor began as Azmiri Mian Consultancy with me being the sole provider in 2012. Since then, AMC has evolved into an intercultural team of amazing people. All of the team are looking to find their Ikigai and I feel privileged to enable the space for this to happen.

Our direction moving forward is to serve the diverse Australian community in all areas of mental health providing service excellence in all that we do with a focus on outcomes for service users. Part of this direction is also to build leadership potential in our team.


Practice in a non-judgmental, responsive manner. Provide culturally humble and safe environments.


Having integrity and a values-based approach. Practicing social equity and justice for all clients accessing services.


Listen, communicate respectfully, focus on individual needs, and stay in tune with the experiences and stories.


Accountable for the quality of care and service provided. Undertaking our obligation in relation to your rights while taking steps to protect your health, safety and wellbeing.


to help us serve you

AMC is affiliated with the listed organisations. This means we are well positioned to assist you and others who may work with the listed organisations.



We are genuinely interested in people and their well-being.

We can provide services to you face to face, by telephone or via zoom.