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AMC – Integrated Disability Services (AMC-IDS) is an NDIS disability service provider in Adelaide. We are committed to social justice and ensuring clients living with a disability have choice and control in their NDIS journey. We provide exceptional care and service to people with disabilities and their families. We firmly believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their age, background, gender, or status. Therefore, our plans are designed to suit your needs and aspirations. We work in partnership with you and your family to achieve all your therapy goals. Our experienced team understand how complexities in the environment can affect wellbeing when living with a disability. Whatever your service needs we’re here to help. We provide flexible support when you need it, improving the quality of your life, and we help you to build strong relationships and live independently.

AMC IDS is a specialist in working with culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) communities.

Our Vision

We believe that every person has the right to receive the best support possible in a safe, comfortable and caring environment that will empower them to become an independent, valued member of society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide support to individuals with needs in the comfort and privacy of a home environment or out in the community. By incorporating the knowledge and experience of highly trained staff with the most up-to-date evidence-based practice, we seek to enhance the well-being of our clients in a respectful, honest, and dignified manner.

Quality Assurance

Your well-being, goals and aspirations are important to us. AMC IDS has taken actions to ensure our high-quality services enable choice and control. As well as complying with all regulatory bodies in place. we have put the following in place:
– Robust risk and incident management system
– Regular participant and staff satisfaction/feedback survey
– Specialised and evidence guided staff training program
– Thorough staff screening process
– Continuous service improvement
– Strongly implemented privacy and confidentiality policy

AMC IDS is a specialist in working with culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) communities.

Our services

Therapeutic Supports

Mental Health Care is a crucial support service that AMC IDS offers to clients. Either as consequences of dealing with their disabilities, been diagnosed with a mental health condition or a combination of both, many participants have needs for mental health care. We understand the importance of providing personalised mental health care support for our clients, and this has become one of our distinctive support services. Our mental health approach focuses on the promotion of positive self-regulating activities and provision of supports that inspire participants to take personal responsibilities. With this approach, we have achieved significant success with the combined efforts of our highly skilled and experienced team. People with mental health and behaviour related conditions like anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem, self-harm, behaviours of concern, suicide ideation and relationship difficulties will benefit from our mental health care services. Our overall goal is to improve the overall quality of life and well-being for our clients and to assist in the reduction of their hospital visits and admissions.

Specialist Behaviour Support

AMC IDS provide supports to reduce the risk of harmful behaviour and try to address the underlying causes of that behaviour. We believe in safeguarding your dignity and increasing your quality of life by creating individualised strategies that are designed to suit your specific needs and goals. Our services are focused on person-centered supports that will address the underlying causes of any concerning behaviour. We support you to increase your independence and not tie you down with unnecessary restrictions and assist you in becoming an active and meaningful part of your community.

In-Home Support

If your disability prevents you from doing regular household tasks like cleaning, meal preparation etc., our excellent team at AMC Integrated Disability Services can lend you a hand. We know that having a clean and organised home promotes a sense of general well-being and positivity within the home. We help you undertake all domestic activities inside your home and out in the garden (yard) so that you can live with increased independence.

Community Participation

Community participation is an integral part of supporting people with a disability. Our Community Participation Program focuses on personal growth and well-being to successfully connect you to the community. Our plans are designed to suit every individual’s needs and goals. We provide flexible and reliable support to you so that you may participate in the community, in social or recreational activities, and gain meaningful employment.

Supported Accommodation

AMC IDS will support you finding your Independent Living Options [ILO]: refers to the type of service where you can choose the accommodation you prefer and the supports you will need. This two-stage service lets you explore and design the supports you need and is an alternative to SIL and to group home services. You can also choose to share your home with friends or housemates too.

Assist Travel

Using public transport to get to appointments, or to visit family and friends, can be daunting at times. Our dedicated staff work to increase your independence through public transport training. We aim to make your travel journey as smooth as possible so that you can go out and about into the community with confidence. We assist you to learn public transport routes, bus/train timetables, buying and recharging a Metro card, as well as how to use it. Your NDIS plan may also include Taxi and Specialist transport arrangements if your disability prevents you from traveling independently.

Group Activities

At AMC IDS, we provide a range of group activities that help you improve your well-being and make you feel included into the social fabric. We support you as you venture out into the community to get involved in local community groups, centres, events, and clubs. We want you to feel confident by learning new skills and developing old ones.

Life Skills Development

Our staff provide support to help you develop life skills so that you can live independently within the community. We provide reliable and flexible support to suit your individual needs and goals. We want you to live as autonomously as possible and we can help you do that by helping you with new skills such as problem-solving, communication, social, daily activities etc.

Innovative Community Participation

At AMC IDS, we offer an excellent Innovative Community Participation program that is designed to support people with disabilities. We enable you to build your skills and resilience by supporting you to actively participate in the community. We encourage and support you to participate in community events and programmes. Our program includes highly skilled Community Engagement Practitioners who assist participants to expand their opportunities for community participation and employment. Our approach focuses on capacity building and a gradual transition away from our service and eventually leads to informal supports and employment.

Early Childhood Education Programs

At AMC IDS we believe any intervention and support needs to start as soon as possible. Therefore, we have experienced and highly skilled practitioners to support and develop emotion regulation through movement.

Community Nursing Care

Our Community Nursing Care is designed to support individuals with complex support needs that require the services of a registered nurse within the community. The registered nurse will assess your clinical needs and in collaboration with you and the relevant professional(s) draw up a suitable care plan to meet your care needs. With a person-centred approach to care, you can be sure that your independence and general lifestyle will improve, and you will require less hospital visits.