What we do


We are genuinely interested in people and their well-being.
We can provide services to you face to face, by telephone or via zoom.

Counselling and mental health management

Problem solving; dealing with conflict; stress management; grief and loss; relationship management; work related issues; anxiety and depression. This includes specialising in Youth Mental Health.

EAP services

Employee assistance in counselling, training, coaching, manager assist, containing impact of incident and providing debriefs.

NDIS services

Support coordination and disability support. Assist in navigating the NDIS space and manage plans.

Supervision services

To professional counsellors and social workers as part of their continuous professional development (CPD).

Therapeutic Supports

Mental Health Care is a crucial support service that AMC IDS offers to clients. Either as consequences of dealing with their disabilities, been diagnosed with

Specialist Behaviour Support

AMC IDS provide supports to reduce the risk of harmful behaviour and try to address the underlying causes of that behaviour. We believe in safeguarding

In-Home Support

If your disability prevents you from doing regular household tasks like cleaning, meal preparation etc., our excellent team at AMC Integrated Disability Services can lend

Community Participation

Community participation is an integral part of supporting people with a disability. Our Community Participation Program focuses on personal growth and well-being to successfully connect

Supported Accommodation

AMC IDS will support you finding your Independent Living Options [ILO]: refers to the type of service where you can choose the accommodation you prefer

Assist Travel

Using public transport to get to appointments, or to visit family and friends, can be daunting at times. Our dedicated staff work to increase your

Group Activities

At AMC IDS, we provide a range of group activities that help you improve your well-being and make you feel included into the social fabric.

Life Skills Development

Our staff provide support to help you develop life skills so that you can live independently within the community. We provide reliable and flexible support

Innovative Community Participation

At AMC IDS, we offer an excellent Innovative Community Participation program that is designed to support people with disabilities. We enable you to build your

Early Childhood Education Programs

At AMC IDS we believe any intervention and support needs to start as soon as possible. Therefore, we have experienced and highly skilled practitioners to

Community Nursing Care

Our Community Nursing Care is designed to support individuals with complex support needs that require the services of a registered nurse within the community. The